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The 9th Sculptors Invitational 2011
Limit 1 - Installation by March 1 - Show all year option - Sculpture Show dates April 2 to April 24
Note: exhibit participation open only to sculptor member candidates
To be a sculptor member pay dues of $50. Not an assurance your sculpture will be selected, only that it will be juried.

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SCULPTOR DEADLINES -------------------------
March 1. Installation/ Registration Deadline

Registrations are all year except during March and April. Membership required prior to registration. Mail or email is acceptable. Late registration fee $25 if during March or April.

Installations and shipments are by membership first then by reasonable advance appointment year around except March and April, March 1 is deadline. No registration fee. Early installations encouraged. Late installation fee is $25 if during March or April.

No installations on major holiday weekends. No installations, "or removal of, or price change, or trade out, or moving of", -new sculptures or prior year sculptures- after March 1 or during the preparation and show period March and April. Late charge for any of said policies is $25 per policy violation.

Bases and pedastals are responsibility of the sculptor, Home Depot hardware is close by for tools and supplies. March 1 is deadline to email your sculpture's "viewer information": name, title, material, price for graphics design and printing.

Period of Stay. Large sculptures are invited to stay two or more shows, at the mutual discretion of both sculptor and director. Some patrons take their time deciding on expensively priced sculptures. There is no gallery fee for extended stay of sculpture if membership is in good standing.

Price setting and changes. As an anchor figure, our shows suggested price floor is around $3,000. Do not email a 'must sell' price on the last weekend of the 4 weekend show, i.e., instead set that price as your 'price' from the first day of the show. [Please be competitavely aggressive from the start, help yourself make a sale.] Price changes after March 1 are $25.

Installation Equipment and help. There are no charges for self installation. A tractor with forklift and backhoe (crane) is on the grounds. There is no charge for the first hour. Requests for help or tractor - are a service fee of $20 per hour - beginning the second hour of help or use of tractor, payable on site. Our tractor weight limit is 2 tons. Beyond a weight of 4,000 pounds will require a crane which is at the hire of the sculptor.

Weather. During or after a rain or while the venue grounds and grass are still soft from the rain, and no sculptures will be loaded, unloaded or installed or pick up on the grass area using a vehicle or trailer. However they may be temporarily unloaded onto the driveway or cement parking areas for a later installation. All installation activities prohibited during a rain.

Overnight Installation. All sculptors installing may arrange to stay at the home or studio of the director for one overnight for free. Call for arrangements.

International or National Sculptor In Residence. Sculptors from International countries or distant states may arrange a 'Sculptor In Residence' stay of 10 days - free room and continental breakfast - to build and finish a sculpture onsite. Travel, food and materials are responsibility of sculptor, the sculpture becomes a permanent exhibit until it sells. Submit design/idea for approval well in advance. Call for arrangements and policies.

Removal. Sculptures may not be removed during March or April. Membership dues for each extended year of stay must be in good standing before removal of sculpture. Call for appointment to retrieve your sculpture.


Submitting a registration and or installing a sculpture is your DEFAULT SIGNATURE of notice, acceptance, understanding and consent of the policies. All conflicts will be lititgated in Bexar County, Texas.


THE SCULPTURE SHOW DATES  ----------------------------------------------------------
April 2 through April 24
- Weekends - Open to the public Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 5pm or by appointment during the week.

April 2 - Sculptors Reception and Grand Opening. A soft reception will be from 11a until 2pm with light hors d' oeuvres and light beverages and until 5p. Public Donation Entry is $20 at the gate or $10 to members. Show sculptor and one are free. No rain date.

OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ALL YEAR. Viewing 'By appointment' year around is available to the public who are interested in a sculpture or self tour. A $10 donation per appointment. 210 696-9813. Guided tour with informed talk per sculpture is $40.

PICK UP - DATES---------------------------------------------------
May 1 through May 14
- PICK UP ... unless you elect to show year around through the next April show. The times to pick up are 10am to 2pm, call ahead, 210 696-9813. Sculptures not picked up after April show by May 14 are automatically entered in the year-around Sculptors Outdoor Gallery at The Villa del Carmen Sculpture Conservatory. Note sculptures must be picked up before March 1 or they are also automatically exhibited for the April show. Or, before March 1 you may exchange/ trade out your prior years work out for a new one.

Note. Sculptors Dominion promotes and sells your sculptures year around on the grounds and on the web and at other local exhibit venues as opportunities arise.

Dates - Entry - Location - Guidelines - Services - REGISTRATION


Become a member. Submit a show registration with your website. Entry is by invitation after jury, approval and satisfaction of your submitted materials. No invitations during March and April. You will be notified by return email of your membership approval and/or registration acceptance or decline and also along with an invitation to show or a 'regret' message.

Note. Read the Policies. At our option your registration is also your consent to have your name, photo, sculpture and/or website published and/or promoted by the organization.

INVITATION - Upon satisfaction of membership you may be invited to exhibit by the director, a participating show sculptor, or professor of sculpture, or by your own submission of website for jury.

SCULPTURE QUALITY - The show seeks large outdoor sculpture of professional quality, composition, construction and presentation from qualified and career sculptors. Examples may be viewed in any major "national/international caliber" sculpture magazines or museums or sculpture shows. Discretion of the show is final.

JURY - Submitted works will be juried by practicing professional sculptors. Submit website by email.

QUANTITY - Limit - 1 large outdoor sculpture. No bases provided.

COMMISSION - 25% . The SDI sales contact data is not the property of the sculptor.

INSURANCE - Insurance is the responsibility of the sculptor.

Money owed to the show or director will create an artists lien on your sculpture until that money is paid. A sheriff will be called to enforce the lien.

Unless otherwise agreed by email notice, a sculpture is considered abandoned or orphaned to the show if a sculptor does not communicate with the show at once every two years and/or at show time, but only where the shows contact attempts by phones, emails or addresses have not been successful.

A 'notice to remove sculpture' must be satisfied in 6 months. Sculptures 'under a lien', or 'abandoned' or under 'notice of removal', that are not brought into order by the sculptor in 6 months will become property of the show to be sold, used as parts, or be traded for raw material value.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST-----------------------------------------------------------
REGISTRATION FEE. There is no registration fee required. However your $50 sculptor membership must be paid annually.


VENUE - The Sculptors Invitational is hosted annually at The Villa del Carmen Sculpture Conservatory. It is a residential 6 acre garden estate at 11354 Vance Jackson Rd, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. The grounds are landscaped with open fields and thousands of oak trees on softly rolling carpet grassed hill slopes. Some 200 largescale works can be spaciously displayed. Click HERE for a MapQuest Map, as well as locations of close-by hotels or see Contact link at website.

Dates - Entry - Location  - Guidelines - Services - REGISTRATION


Description of Large.-------------------------------------------------------------
Human Scale or 400lbs. SDI 'large' is loosely defined by either or both height and weight. The show will intends to accept general heights of half life-size, to heroic sizes. [Cranes are the responsibility of the sculptor.] Importantly the show intends weights at a minimum of about 400lbs. Both height and weight are at the discretion of the director after discussion with the sculptor. Gravity or bolting to the ground are also taken into consideration for purposes of overnight security.

Descriptions of Outdoor----------------------------------------------------------

God, Weather, the Elements and Gods Animals ----------------------------------
The show or its agents will not be responsible for accidents, acts of God, weather, the elements, birds or animals and their behaviors: i.e., wind gusts, wind carrying dirt or smoke, water, sun, cold, hail, falling leaves or branches or trees or the effects of the aforesaid or related damages or losses of any kind at any time for bases/pedastal or sculpture. We are not responsible for fading paint or patinas due the the said elements. Also note birds and animals use sculptures as a bathroom or drill, peck or bore into wood surfaces and we are not responsible for Gods animals or birds or insects. Be sure materials you use are outdoor proof.

Bad people and accidents-----------------------------
The show and/or its agents are not responsible for acts of vandalism, criminal acts, trespasser damage, accidents or guests damages or freak accidents related to your sculpture. We are not responsible for damages due to normal handling resulting in damages; such as picking up your work and it breaks of its own weight due to bad welding, bolting, gluing and/or similar adhesive methods of materials; Or due to poor engineering or infrastructure armatures of your sculptures.

Repairs and Fixes.
You are responsible to fix or repair your own sculptures at your own expense caused by you or bad people or accidents. If your sculpture is broken or damaged or needs management you may send/email us your order to have us have it repaired with your handwritten signature and payment in full. Then we will repair or have it repaired. Payments due and owing will create a lien on the sculpture, redeemable upon payment with interest.

BASE OR PEDESTAL ENCOURAGED - Provide a base or pedastal where appropriate. All prices will assume inclusion of base or pedestal unless otherwise clearly stated. Two dimensional, 2D, reliefs must be presented on an outdoor material artist easil.

No Wood bases or pedastals
. Bases, their core structure and face finish must be of a permanent outdoor material.

EXHIBIT SPACE - A spacious landscaped presentation is part of the dignity that enhances your sculpture and one of the key features of this shows design.The director will guide your selection or select for you if you have shipped your work.

INSTALLATIONS, REMOVALS Installations and removals are the responsibility of the sculptor and are by appointment at least two weeks in advance of arrival. A tractor with forklift (up to 2 tons) and backhoe 'crane' (1 ton) is available to install or remove works at $20 per hour. Very large or heavy works requiring a larger tractor or crane are at the hire of the sculptor. A rain will delay use of a tractor, trailor or vehicle on the soaked grass and grounds and create a delay of installation until one full day of sun. If the show installs, has to move or remove a sculpture, a service rate of $20 per hour with a two hour minimum will incur.

STAY OF WORK - Due to early promotion, printing, and public expectations - sculptures must stay March and April and through the end of the show. All sculptures new or old and sculpture prices may not be changed, added or traded out or price changed. After March 1 registration and installation deadlines we have invested in your exhibit. Press, printing and other costs have been incurred. Sculptors insisting on pulling or changing their works or prices during March and April will be assessed a mandatory $250 for moneys spent or potential loss of commission.

SALES - Sales commission will be 25%. Set your price minimums at or about $4000 [give or take a thousand]. Sculptors Dominion will handle sales after installation. Sculptor attendance is not required. Commission applies year-around for sculptures sold at this or any venue secured by Sculptors Dominion. Upon the bank approval the sculptors check will be mailed within 10 days after the show ends after the check passes. Be sure the address in the Registration form is correct. SDI sale efforts, experience, data and contact information are proprietary and are not the workproduct or property of the sculptor.

NOTE ON COMMISSION:  The purpose of the show is to bring your sculpture and a buyer together for a sale to occur. When that happens a commission has been earned; even if the transaction of the check occurs later or years after, even if the check is given off site at any other location, even if the show or its agent is not present, even if you substitute a later or earlier edition of the same sculpture that was seen at the show. You and the buyer cannot legally agree to terminate that earned commission, or to not pay the commission. If you do you both commit theft of services rendered.

The sculpture, or its copy, or any editon before it or after it, that is of the sculpture the purchaser saw at the show is one key; a second key is if it happens during the show time or happens any time or even years after the show and the third key is if it happens at the show or any other place, such as you took the sculpture back to your studio; or the purchaser who saw it at the show went to your studio saw it again or its copy. The show caused its knowledge and caused the purchasers interest in it if a sale occurs the show has earned the commission. You owe the commission at the immediate time of reciept of the purchasers check.

To avoid difficulties buyers should be directed by you to pursue the sale through the show. Make your buyer understand the show spent money, time and labor to present your work to him or her and that action causes his awareness of the sculpture and his interest in it and an earned commission.

TAXES - The buyer is responsible to pay state taxes with the purchase price unless they present at time of sale a tax number or unless the final destination of the sculpture is out of the state of Texas. The show collects the San Antonio tax rate.

Dates - Entry - Location - Guidelines - Services - REGISTRATION


1. All sculpture installations requiring help to install are charged at $20 per hour, minimum one hour and such services apply automatically in your absence such as where your work is commercially sent. A tractor with boom ,1 ton, and front end forklift, 2tons, is available on site. All services payable upon completion of service.

2. During the show a $5 per service fee will be charged each time of handling for sculptures requiring special maintenance. Such maintenance includes but is not limited to covering the work betweeen shows, upkeeping of fountain water levels or cleaning or turning on electric switches; switching on sculptures that require lights; cleaning sculptures or adjusting sculptures easily mispositioned by wind.

3. Crating or re-crating, loading, shipping services and/or hauling sculptures for the sculptor are $20 dollars an hour plus materials.

5. All sculptures recieve promotional graphics for outdoor presentation of sculptors photo and information particular to the sculpture and sculptor. All sculptors recieve year around website sale space for photos and personal websites. All sculptors recieve printing and publishing services on invitations and flyers. All sculptors recieve show advertising in print media. All sculptors recieve sales and promotional efforts.

Click here for REGISTRATION.

Required information: Name. Phone. Address. Website. Email address. Send it by the shows computer registration form, or send it by mail, handwritten, or send it by email.

If you encounter computer difficulties, use mail or email to supply the same contact information. A sent Registration means that you read the policies for purposes of this show. The mailing address of the show is: 11354 Vance Jackson Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78230.


Submitting a registration and or installing a sculpture is your DEFAULT SIGNATURE of notice, acceptance, understanding and consent of the policies. Conflicts will be lititgated in Bexar County, Texas.

Dates - Entry - Location - Guidelines - Services - REGISTRATION

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