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My name is Gilbert E. Barrera, Artist/Sculptor. I am the 2002-04 President Emeritus for the Texas Society of Sculptors (TSOS). I founded the Sculptors Invitational in 2003 and Sculptors Dominion International, Inc.{501c3} in 2007. I am a member of several arts organizations and I do private and public commissioned sculptures and paintings. I sculpt stone, wood and metals, including clay and cement. I have taught sculpture and in 2009 I established a sculpture only sculpture school with the aid of several sculptors teaching in their own areas. In 2010 I hope to add membership to our creative organization. I have taught oil painting and enjoy figurative, portraiture and colorful abstracts.

I attended a military catholic grade school, Mount Sacred Heart, operated by the sisters of the Sacred Heart. In grade school I was awarded the 'Art Award' having scored the highest grade average in art of my graduating class over 9 years, K through grade 8; in high school, Antonian - a college prepatory Catholic boys school, there for football games - I painted hallway banners and banner breakthroughs for the games and have the distinction as a football player of running through my own art work at the game openinngs. I took a few art courses in college. My B.A. is in English and I hold a J.D. from Texas Weslyan. I own over 300 books on sculpture and over 200 on color, drawing and painting. I enjoy a good 'rare' sculpture book hunt and find in the small book shops of towns cities across Texas, New Mexico and Colorado, so far.

I have served on the Executive Board of the Cultural Alliance of San Antonio - an arts groups organization;  on the San Antonio Parks Board and I am a Fiesta San Antonio Commissioner and board member for the San Antonio Firemans Museum. SDI has successfully been accepted as an official fiesta event in San Antonio and our sculpture venue has gained the attention of art groups and chamber of commerce groups as a meeting site.



Big outdoor sculputre is the most underserved of the classical fine arts of antiquity. SDI serves this vacancy.

"Sculptors Dominion International, Inc." is a Texas incorporated nonprofit organization and is a 501c3 IRS sanctioned educational charity. Your generous donation serves you a discount on your taxes and helps continue the culture of 3D appreciation.

SDI hosts an annual show and sale called The Sculptors Invitational. To date we have invited some 250 sculptors, exhibited over 700 sculptures from around the nation and other countries, without a required entrance fee. We have also offered over 3500 school age children a free tour. There are only a handfull of large scale only shows nationwide and even fewer big shows are on an annual exhibit basis. We are the only show our size and variety in a residential setting inside the city limits. Big sculpture is rare to create and even more rare to be offered as an exhibt of over 100 sculptures per show.

This Invitational exhibit 'for big sculpture only' is talent-rich and the show venue and garden itself is created as an environmental design of interactive multi-sculpture. Three dimention interacts with 'living dimensions'. You can walk into it with awe and gaze, touch it and walk around it. At the onset the empty grounds are the "blank canvass", then the repsective sculptures, their colors and textures become a palette to be composed, mixed, blended and placed in a field or by a group of trees or by the pool. This "Sculpture Show Design" exhibit is a dynamic conception and presentation - different each year. It takes full time "'creative' hands on" labor before the show and during the show. It requires volunteers from family, friends and generous other patrons of sculpture.

The Sculptors Invitational ... is unique, it focuses on large outdoor professional sculptures. By SDI's meaning its large if one person can not pick it up, about 400lbs; its outdoors if the weather will not alter its materials or value or require it to be maintained; its professional if it blends the basic elements of art design and high skill. Finally it is ably coveted when it culminates with a purchase by the ultimate patron. The purchase begins the sculptors process all over again.

Our audience aims are for the educationally hungry of arts and culture. Therein is contained the financially able collectors and corporate groups who by acquisition of art show and share with the community an appreciation of culture through art. Importantly therein are also the new appetites of school age children discovering 'flavors' of culture for the first time. A final aim is the satisfaction of the eye of the mature patrons of art, now having the time to enjoy and appreciate by the simple gift of sight.

You may see or purchase at anytime during the year. Give us a call or come to our special April show. All sculptures at the show can be photographed for pleasure. See also our website where Photos of all our shows are available.

Sculptors. Note that after the 4 weekend show, you may continue to exhibit sculpture for sale, or for show only. We have a 6 acre sculpture garden. The new installations are due for the new April show by March 1. Your website will be listed as a reference for the year you exhibited under Participating Sculptors.

After the show and at any time during the year visitors and or patron collectors may arrange a viewing by appointment. 210 696-9813 or .

Please join us and help establish the Sculptors Dominion Invitational as a beautiful Outdoor Garden and Gallery for sculptures of scale, size and dimension. See you at the sculpture show.

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