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Large outdoor sculpture is the most unique, rare, and underserved of the traditional fine classical arts of antiquity. Big sculpture is the most expensive and challenging to create and the most awesome to exhibit. These measures are in terms of cost, time, skill, transportation and risks.

From the Sphinx to the Statue of Liberty big sculpture is the lasting mark of a society, its culture and its achievments. It has been exemplified by the European countries that outdoor art is a great revenue attraction, it is a marque of famous destinations, and a highly used excuse to travel. So it can also be for our communities. From the foundation of SDI only an inivtation and a welcome are required. Thus whether at a world level or local level it marks the depth of a  nations' culture. It marks the presence of a communitys' artistic appreciation. It symbolizes your richer aesthetic pursuits and achievements.


To educate, excellence in large outdoor sculpture,... through service, promotion and celebration.

Our educational purpose is to foster and enhance an understanding of todays practice, techniques and applications of this ancient and rare outdoor art. Our service goals will be to exhibit international and regional large sculptures with participation from patrons, students and arts groups. Our promotional aims are to create outdoor sculpture awareness via experiences of educational events and programs. Our celebratory purposes are via social and cultural experiences of reception, gala and discussion via integration of other art forms as music and dance. Our projects will increase the aesthetic and technical knowledge for the practicing sculptor, the aspiring novice, student sculptor and the community.


An annual sculptors invitational.
- Coordinate volunteers locally and in other regions of the U.S. and other countries for the purpose of membership development and recruitment as we attempt to build a international and national membership base.

- Organize exhibits that will exemplify different facets of outdoor sculpture. They will be open to the public.
An annual sponsors gala.

- Establish The Sculptors Gala to promote awarenss of our programs and raise funds.
An annual school of workshops and demonstrations
An annual research program for sculptors and for sponsors.

a program of exploring, discovering and finding both new and senior sculptors to bring into and back to the practice of sculpture; similarly for sponsors who support our programs of sculpture.
- Establish a voluntary code of ethics and standards for general members. This will serve as a guide for the technical and aesthetic standards of general members. This activity will further the practice of outdoor sculpture; similarly for sponsors who support sculpture.
- Recognize and honor those artists and sponsors of distinction who have over the course of their careers produced or supported bodies of work that epitomizes excellence within the discipline.

An annual publication program of the years events, marketing and records.
- Collect, write and publish a newsletter covering issues germane to outdoor sculpture. Areas will include sculpting techniques, profiles of accomplished sculptors, technical and aesthetic advice, announcements of member's accomplishments and other issues pertinent to outdoor sculpture.
An annual educational program reaching youth, adults and professional sculptors.

- Provide the membership access through a World Wide Web and other social media to provide an informational home page on the World Wide Web or other social media. This activity allows educational information to be shared between experts in the field and others; provide expert advice on techniques, aesthetics and related information.

An annual lecture, tour and/or demonstration on sculpture to the public.

- Conduct a conference annually to present lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions on the discipline of outdoor sculpture. This will offer the membership and others access to the skills and knowledge of the leading sculptors of the day


A show, a gala; a reception.
A balance of sculpture styles and materials; spaciously display; a landscaped setting.
Tours to the public and students.
Demonstrations, lectures.
A school, classes, workshops.
Publications: newsletters, handouts, annual magazine – from print and online.
Support of the arts and sculpture community.
Partnerships with the arts, business and local community.
Membership and Record development.
Auxiliary exhibits at public spaces and other venues.
Develop appreciation and knowledge of sculpture.
Fundraising efforts to support goals.
Communication skills development with civic and arts organizations


Exhibit Professional Sculpture as example and motivation and study.
Demonstration of tools materials processes and techniques.
Lecture and speaker on sculpture and topics of today and history.
Teach, show and tell.
Membership and fellowship communitcation
Communications/Publication, online programs; print programs: radio programs; TV programs; convention and event programs.
Scholarships, Grants, Honorariums programs.
Fundraising for the above programs.

Code of Ethics
Upon being accepted for membership in the Sculptors Dominion International, I do hereby voluntarily subscribe:
1. Artistic Purity.
I will be dedicated to the pursuit of excellence of aesthetics by ‘my mind’ and ‘my hands’ talent, skills and craftsmanship in my work. Eschewing any entirety of incorporation within my final sculptured product of: mechanical or machined by computerization; or entirety of hire out or mostly hire out as a substitute for my hand and personal efforts; or surmoulage (life casting). I will practice and promote the traditional self accomplished creative processes of outdoor sculpture.
2. Presentation.
I will endeavor to enhance and ennoble the discipline of the art of sculpture by maintaining a dignity of manner in my behavior, the presentation of my work and in all other forms of public contact.
3. Respect and Encouragement.
I will exhibit respect for my fellow artists and their work, avoiding malicious criticisms, rumors, actions or comments designed to harm their artistic standing or work. I will willingly give of my knowledge and provide encouragement to artists individually and collectively so that the quality of the sculptured art may continually be raised.
4. Honesty.
I will observe the highest standards of honesty in all my transactions, avoiding the use of false claims, confusing or inaccurate descriptions of the creative activity or product or misrepresentations as to the proper authorship(s) of any work.

In all matters relating to this Code I will recognize the authority of the Sculptors Dominion International, Inc. and agree to hold harmless the Board of Directors in any decision made on behalf of SDI, Inc.

Signature ____________________________________________
Date _______________________________________

Failure to adhere to the standards of the Code may be cause for a repeal of membership from the Sculptors Dominion International, Inc. Such action would be pursuant to a review and majority vote of the Board of Directors.

The Sculptors Dominion International is a not-for-profit organization directed by a governing board of sculptors dedicated to fostering and enhancing the practice, aesthetics and applications of traditional, fine art of sculpture. Membership is open to all individuals with an interest in the art of sculpture.

Gilbert E Barrera, sculptor - CEO
© 2010, Sculptors Dominion International, Inc.

Sculptors Dominion International, Inc., and The Sculptors Invitational, and Sculptors Dominion are copyright and Trademarks 2003 to 2010 of Gilbert E. Barrera.



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