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WHO- The Sculptors Dominion International, Inc. 501c3
[see San Antonio, Texas U.S.A.  (11354 Vance Jackson; 78230) ]

Contact: Gilbert E. Barrera at 1-210-413-0498 or

WHAT- The Sculptors Invitational and Art Show. Our 9th Multi-national big outdoor sculpture exhibit is growing. New is our 1st outdoor professional art show. Sculpture plus paintings. We are partnering with The Texas Society of Sculptors, Austin and The San Antonio Visual Artists group. Our classic show: 60 professional sculptors from 8 countries and 15 states with 100 big sculptures to enjoy. Now adding professional artists who will bring paintings and small sculptures. It will be presented on 6 residential gardened acres offering viewers over an hour of botanical enjoyment and art-eye-candy, an arts experience. All works for sale. An sculpture and art exhibit of this scale and quantity is rare. Free grade school tours with school teacher. Volunteer artists will be demonstrating sculpture, music and dance. The Invitational is an official Fiesta event with 100 other events in April.

WHEN- Grand opening April 2. 11a - 5p. Admission $5.
Art show sale April 2nd only. Big outdoor sculpture show and sale April 2 through April 24 - weekends: Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 4pm.

WHERE- It will be at the Villa del Carmen Sculpture Conservatory at 11354 Vance Jackson Road. It is a 90 year old country stone mansion on a 6 acre estate. Over 100 sculptures are displayed anually, at the residence of former Texas Secretary of State Roy R. Barrera Sr. and Carmen Z. Barrera. [see LOCATION - MAPQUEST].

WHY- SDI, Inc. 501c3 is pursuing excellence in outdoor sculpture and art by offering education, superb exhibits and a unique celebration of art. It is for the sculptors and artists who travel show to show making a living, it is for the community, the arts patron and the arts organizations who also pursue the creative cultures.

About Me. The SDI was developed by and is hosted by Gilbert E Barrera, sculptor. Barrera is past president of the Texas Society of Sculptors, Founder/Director of Sculptors Dominion, member of The American Portrait Society, of the San Antonio Cultural Alliance, and a Fiesta San Antonio Commissioner, and board member of the San Antonio Fire Museum Society.

HOW MUCH- Entrance is a donation of $10 with membership, $20 for non-members. The show schedules grade school children tours for free; now exceeding 5000 kids from local schools.


Further Press & School Information


The Sculptors Dominion offers offers a large scale outdoor show. On the website are over 2000 photos of sculptures from shows representing some 250 sculptors from several states and countries. Barrera has also personally toured over 4000 school children and their teachers and chaperons. The websites of the participating sculptors are also kept as a diary of each show. Demonstrations opening day include, stone sculpture, wood carving, and a live bronze pour.

All of the sculptors who have websites can be seen on the show website under Participating Sculptors. Some of them are Johannes Eyfells of Iceland, James Muir, Ben Woitena, Damian Priour, Rose Van Vranken, Jesus Moroles, Luis Jimenez and many more. Plus John Houser and his 14 foot Andalusian horse head sculpture which is a section from his colossal 36 foot full figure Horse and Conquistador which will be on exhibit in El Paso.

The range of styles is from modern and abstract to contemporary, stylistic and classical figurative. These styles include themes from traditional and allegory to western and children, all the way to the exploratory, humorous and the weird. The viewer will see materials of bronze, glass, granite, ceramic, limestone, wood, welded/painted metal, marble, fiberglass, cement and other contemporary resins.

More info... PAST SHOWS QUOTES From Media , sculptors and patrons...


Tricia Cortez, arts writer of Laredo Times says... it is a beautiful "one of a kind outdoor sculpture show",... "art lovers, sculptors and the curious marveled at the power, depth and passion of the exhibit"

Steve and Vera Isa, visitors to the show said, "The range of expression from the most modern to the most  traditional was amazing...(we) were overwhelmed. The range of mediums also broadened my view of sculpture. I always thought of sculpture as a static art form but then I saw the wind (kinetic) sculpture and also the neon lights of other sculptures, that was cool."

Mary Paige Huey, sculptor, said " was a massive show of monumental as well as modest size sculpture set amongst the ancient oak trees of the estate."

Lety Laurel, writer for the San Antonio Express News made the following notes. 'Kara Jarzombek, elementary school tour student says, "I like looking at all the different kinds of sculptures and learning how they are made and what they are made of. My dream is to be an artists and make this." Annie Hsu, elementary student says, "I want to someday create my own sculptures. We are really lucky (to be invited) because we don't really get to see all this stuff outside and this is the first time my friends and I have seen it. Principal Sharon Small says, "creativity starts at a young age and the sooner it is tapped into the better... most of all it is the pleasure of seeing something different". Stacy Yates, art teacher, says "When Barrera offered the children a tour she jumped at the opportunity."'

Armando Hinojosa, Laredo sculptor, says, "This is the best thing to happen to Texas sculptors in a long time."

Steven G. Kellman, arts writer for the San Antonio Current wrote, "On a mellow evening in May the oak studded grounds of the Villa del Carmen seem to have been  transformed in to a garden of ... delight. He says... "Sculpture is the most hands on art... and "...gathering  the varied creations of more than 100 contemporary sculptors... was a monumental undertaking...for Barrera".


Dan Goddard, arts writer for the San Antonio Express News says, "This is the closest San Antonio comes to having a full fledged sculpture park. Both the city's art museums ... can't match the variety or quantity of the Sculptors Dominion." He says, "...the wide variety and number of sculptures in a pleasant outdoor setting is well worth the time and effort to see."

Jania Ashby, sculptor, says, "The venue is terrific. It is a great opportunity to sell pieces and meet other artists from other parts of the country."

Fred Bergman, writer for the San Antonio Lightning Online Newspaper says, San Antonio is "devoid of the culture that we espouse ... to attract conventions and tourists, but (Barrera) has succeeded in attaining the international status that the San Antonio art scene has long deserved." "This enthusiast's independent effort is a shining example of what determination can bring about."

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Contact Gilbert E. Barrera at 210 696-9813 or or see

The Sculptors Dominion Invitational 2009 opens its 7th annual large scale outdoor sculpture garden and exhibit on April 5 through April 27, Saturdays and Sundays only from 11am to 5pm. Donation is $20. More than 60 professional and international sculptors will offer over 100 sculptures. Sculpture demonstrations opening day. Venue will be held on a 6 acre residence at 11356 Vance Jackson, San Antonio, Texas. Contact Gilbert E Barrera at 210 696-9813 or See


Sculptors Dominion was founded to emphasize an aesthetic presentation of professional quality sculpture. For the community there is a cultural mission to introduce and broaden the three dimensional fine art heritage of large outdoor public sculpture. The goal of Sculptors Dominion is to provide an annual international high art destination for residents and visitors to San Antonio. In addition to the Invitational the Sculptors Dominion offers a year around Outdoor Sculpture Gallery and is developing a sculpture school program and sculptors guild.

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