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Sculptors Dominion is located at the "Villa del Carmen" residential address of the Honorable Roy R Barrera Sr. (Texas Secretary of State 1968) and Carmen Z. Barrera at 11356 Vance Jackson Rd, San Antonio Texas 78230. Click here for Photos of Location and Show Site.

Please use a current San Antonio map of the city as new roads in the area have been added in the last two years.  Here is a handy MapQuest map.  Or Google Maps Local. You can also view and print out a City Map and a Local Area Map.

1. On the North by Northwest side of San Antonio map between the inner Loop 410 and the outer Loop 1604 (aka Anderson Loop) find Interstate Highway 10 (IH10).

2. Coming from either Loop 410 or Loop 1604 exit at the Wurzbach or Huebner exits and go east to Vance Jackson Rd.

3. From either the Wurzbach or Huebner intersections at Vance Jackson go about 6 tenths or 7 tenths of a mile to 11356 Vance Jackson.

1. Park "curbside" on either side of Vance Jackson, i.e., between the solid white stripe and the sidewalk; or between the solid white stripe and the edge of the grass. View Example Parking Area.

2. Or, after 5pm and/or on Saturdays and Sundays park at the Howesman elementary school parking lot.  School Parking Lot Area.

3. If parking is full park legally behind the school and/or behind the Cody library at close-by residential street curbsides.

Drivers may drop passengers at the gate entrance while they park.


Via Bus stops directly in front of the Sculpture Garden. Call San Antonio Via Park and Ride Bus service for the numbers of the bus to take and its schedule. 210 362-2020

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