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Young Sculptor Program

Competition for young sculptors.
Interested Teachers please apply!

Open to grade schools and middle schools everywhere.

Each year in April the winning sculpture results of the Young Sculptors Program will be exhibited and/or displayed for sale amongst the works of professional sculptors at The Sculptors Dominion Invitational in this program to introduce motivation and sculpture to young people.

Every September grade schools and middle schools are encouraged to register with the Sculptors Dominion as a school and then launch their own sculpture program within their already prescribed art classes. The art teacher should hold competitions in introductory sculpture of a 3D kind in each class. All materials, any themes are invited. Each class should have a set of 5 winners and 10 runners up and 3 honorable mentions with certificates to all who participated. Of all classes entered in the competition the school should select 3 winners only from each school to be displayed at the Sculptors Dominion Invitational on opening day. The sale and public pricing is at the option of the student, the parents and the participating school with a limit of $100 for grade schools and $200 for middle schools. Schools or parents may set up buyer support for the sale. Sculptors Dominion will not receive any commission on any student sale.

Installations are due at the end of March and the show begins in mid April. All school winners will be displayed on the opening day of the show. That day one winner from each school will be selected to stay on display through the next weekend. At that time an anonymous jury of professional sculptors will select the top two which will be asked to remain on display and/or for sale until the finish of the show the last weekend of April. Those two will recieve a a scholarship to one sculpture class held in May. Awards issued will be Best of Show, Best Imagination, Best Figurative, Best Abstract, Best Sculpture, and Best Use of Color in Sculpture. Best of Show will be featured on the show website,

Criteria judged will be management of idea, material, skill and presentation; plus skills of influencing the material, use of color or no color to enhance the end result, imagination of selected idea, presentation of the final result on a base/pedestal, and for introduction to market the presentation of information such as name, title, material, and price. [All public prices will be set from $10 to $100]. Other common elements of art that will be juried are shape, symmetry, proportion, balance, composition, light contrast, use of color and texture.

Certificates will be awarded to all exhibiting young sculptors by the Sculptors Dominion. Schools must register to participate in September for the September to March youth competition. School name, Contact persons - name and phone or email, are the requirements of registration. Sculptors Dominion provides no financial assistance.

Contact: or 210 696-9813.

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