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Over 3000 school children have toured free since 2003


For the Public and for Schools.

The show opens and runs through April. There are usually over 100 sculptures. Public groups and all schools are invited to tour the exhibit in April. Appointments 2 weeks in advance please. The calendar fills quickly so make appointments early. Contact 210-696-9813 or Available days in April are Mondays through Thursdays. Public group size mimimum limit is 10 or more and schools groups any size, no minimum. Available times are 10am to 1pm; or by arrangement. Tours last approximately 45 minutes. Tours can be self guided or docent guided.

Schools self tour for free. Self tour requires up to two teachers per class of 20 for proper supervision. Younger age groups or challenged students may require extra supervision. Parent chaparons with school groups are welcome with donation of $10 per parent. Teachers are invited to advance review and prepare their tour for free. If schools choose a docent lecture guide the guide fee is 20 dollars for 45 minutes.

Public Groups tours are $10 per person, minimum 10 people for self guided tour. Public groups of less than 10 are $20 per person, self-guided. Public groups may choose a guide with guide fee of 20 dollars for 45 minute tour.

REQUIRED MEMORANDUM OF VISIT: Upon entrance the School or Public group must present a letter with the group or school stationary heading; On it please type or write the number of students, their grade level (or number of visitors in your group who are kids or adults) and then it must be signed by the group leader, teacher and/or principal and name of your group or school and date.

Contact: or 210 696-9813.

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