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Michelangelo Sculpture School™
Old School Methods - Classical Traditions
San Antonio, Texas USA and Florence, Italy

"Adults Sculpture Academy"

This is an advanced program in sculpture for adults. It is intensive. This program offers sculpture courses you will not find at most colleges or universities. The program exposes the artist to the fundamentals of a variety of sculpture mediums.

Adult Entry Requirements

-Bring a portfolio of your art works, the 3 best art works at front.

Benefits of this program help build visualization, conceptualization, imagination and art thinking skills. Additionally it helps develop eye/hand skills and creative confidence. The program emphasizes exposure to several types of sculpture processes and provides knowledge and experience in hands on sculptural activity.

Adult Courses Overview
1. photography of sculpture
drawing of sculpture
3. painting of sculpture
4. clay modeling a sculpture
wax modeling of a sculpture
6. plaster modeling a sculpture
7. cement modeling of sculpture
8. stone sculpture
9. wood sculpture
10. blacksmith sculpture
11. mold making for sculpture
12. visits to exhibits of sculpture
13. reviews of sculpture books

DESCRIPTION - Summer 2012

Child Sculpture, ages 5,6

Kids Sculpture, ages 7, 8,9,10,11,12
Teen Sculpture, ages 13,14,15
Teenager Sculpture, ages 16,17,18

Month to Month...
College Sculpture, ages 19 - 29

Adult Sculpture, ages 30 plus

June, Th,F 8a to 10a w/ Parent stay
June, MTW 8a to 2pm; Th Museum trip
July, MTW 8a to 2pm; Th Museum trip
July, MTW 8a to 2pm; Th Museum trip

Saturdays 10a to 2pm

Sundays 10a to 2pm

2011 Every Sunday Program - All Outdoors
Adult Flyer
NSID Collaboration Program 2011


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Our past "ad and flyer" for the first workshop
As seen in The Magazine of New Mexico, ISC web banner, HillCountry Current,  HillCountry Sun, HillCountry Happenings, Explore Magazine;
Flyers place across the hill country in over 100 galleries and town postings for public viewing.

Enroll and Registration Form

San Antonio NorthSide Independent School District
[NSISD] Class

This is the NSISD "Adult Community Education" [ACE] Program in collaberation with The Sculptors Dominion. We are an NSISD Campus Extension. For available sculpture classes here, CALL THEM 210-397-8100 OR CLICK THEM.
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A Helpful Book on Bronze... Bronze Casting Manual by Olivier O. Duhamel.