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Gilbert E Barrera, Sculptor
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Contact: Gilbert E Barrera, Sculptor, Artist -
- Home Ph - 210-696-9813 -
11354 Vance Jackson, San Antonio, Texas 78230   -    To find the show!
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Naturally gifted- Artist/Sculptor
Classical training - Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy
Specialist - Classical Antiquity, Large Sculpture Practitioner, stone/bronze/wood -
Public Art Exhibits Consultant - Outdoor Visual Arts Shows and Garden Design Consulting
Adult Classes Sculpture Instructor - Stone, Wood, Clay, Cement, Iron, Bronze
Kids Sculpture Workshop Instructor and Summer Sculpture Camp Director
Kids Visual Arts Portfolio Development - for entrance to Art Maganate High Schools and College Art Programs.
Visual 3D Arts Childrens Programs - Photography, Drawing, Clay, Scale Model Conversion, Stone, Metals


Seen in Videio: Joe Barrera * Jose Zendejas * Anitas Gift * Steve Barrera Sr. * Rosa Barrera * Roy Barrera Sr * Carmen Zendejas *
Other paintings not seen in video: Sharon * Roses Series * Flowers For Erica * The Barbers Wife * Early Works * Abstracts * The French Bicycle * Space Lords * Cloud Series *


The Lady Justice * The Widows Letter * Apollo * Aphrodite * David * Venus * Boss N Jack

Video Examples

The Lady Justice Sculpture - Gilbert E Barrera, Sculptor

The Lady Justice Bronze Sculpture by Gilbert E Barrera. This is an original composition for a lady justice figure worldwide since she was popular 800 BC to 100 BC. She is the only naturally exhibited Lady Justice in a public square in the United States and perhaps further. She was dedicated December 2008. She is on main plaza at the Bexar County Courthouse, downtown San Antonio, Texas. The sculptor Barrera was born a half mile away at Santa Rosa Hospital, and baptized one block away at San Fernando Cathedral, oldest Cathedral in the U.S. Barrera's father Roy Barrera Sr. and brothers and cousins are lawyers at the courthouse. The sculptors name is credited a floor plaque at the foot of the sculpture and its fountain base of 1896.