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The Sculptors Dominion International Inc. is open to global participation of both sculptors and non-sculptors who enjoy outdoor sculpture.

Sculptor members may inquire of our Sculptor In Residence program open to both International and U.S. sculptors who build big sculpture on site over a 10-day period (based on advance approved design example).

The Sculptors Dominion International, Inc. (SDI) is a non-profit, charitable arts education organization dedicated to furthering educational excellence in the traditions of large outdoor sculpture through art services, promotion and celebration.

Our 6 acre sculpture garden has so far shown over 225 local, U.S. and international sculptors; and over 700 outdoor sculptures; some 9 countries and 12 states have participated; local TV news stations show our sculptures annually; about 10,000 visitors have seen our presentations in person; and over 6000 free school children tours have been provided; we have corporate sponsorship; finally more than 50,000 have visited our online website. SDI is young, dynamic and unique as a 'big sculpture’ “only” organization, … 'we... are sculptors' … patrons and sculptors alike join with us to focus on large scale outdoors sculpture!

For sculptors and artists alike our newest program will include an ArtShow on opening weekend exhibiting for sale paintings and small sculpture.

By becoming a member of the SDI you will be incorporated with sculptors and other sculpture fans who are directly involved with outdoor sculpture. You will enjoy the opportunity to learn from members, sculptors and other leaders in the national and international field of big outdoor sculpture. SDI provides members with sculpture information. SDI will post links and news for your analysis and opportunity... such news as municipal requests for public sculpture, corporate competitions, all the way to federal and state agencies looking for monumental art. Our programs will increase both your aesthetic and functional knowledge of outdoor sculpture.

Memberships are for the sculptor, the aspiring student of sculpture, as well as a new membership for artists and painters and finally the general public and philanthropist who admire the brilliance of the magnificent outdoor sculptor. Especially we seek the corporation membership support. To you, the reader we seek your leadership, participation and donations for the sculpture programs of SDI. Merely telling your friends and artists friends about SDI and what we do for outdoor sculpture is a contribution to the advancement of outdoor sculpture, we do need your communications help. We know there is no substitute for 'word of mouth advertising'. Please help us, talk about us and finally please join us.


Generally your membership fee helps us pay our bills and communicate with you. For all levels the benefits of membership include: opportunities to participate in and be a part of sculpture; personal satisfaction of supporting outdoor sculpture growth; and discounts to some of our events, programs, exhibits, and schools depending on your level of membership. You will become part of a vital and growing network of sculptors, art patrons, artists and fans concerned with preserving our deep heritage and unique profession of rare large scale outdoors sculptures. See categories on registration page.


Gilbert E. Barrera, sculptor - CEO
© 2010, Gilbert E. Barrera. Trademarks: Sculptors Dominion International, Inc., and Sculptors Invitational, and Sculptors Dominion are copyright and Trademarks 2003  of Gilbert E. Barrera.


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