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The Michelangelo School™
Old School Classical
San Antonio, Texas USA and Italy

"Finding Michelangelo" ™ is the concept of my program. It is a unique sculpture education approach, physically demanding and intellectually intensive. It aims to train sculptors further than the educational coloquial concept of "see, do"; in between these two ideas the old school art education exists. It is the training of "art seeing - thinking, imagining, visioning - causing an art decision to "do".

While I admire new approaches using computer, and traditional 17th century honorable invention of 'pointing', they lessen the burden of art thinking and original fluid decision making. In Finding Michelangelo, while educational new tools will be used, for hands on sculpture education I mean to emphasis "old school" approaches of 'antiquity' where the mind was the only available tool to decide and guide both the "hand" and a simple hand tool(s). In ancient Greece, Rome and in the Renaissance many 'old school' sculptors managed to achieve 'high art' this way. Albeit many fell short. Nevertheless, everything about their sculpture is worthwhile to find, pursue and measure. This 'high - lost art' can be found and captured.

From Phideas to Michelangelo, these guys "rocked" sculpture. No photos, no power tools. Additionally my program further trains the familiarity of many traditional materials of sculpture: such as clay, wax, plaster, cement, stone, wood, metal and more. The work of material "shaping" will be old fashioned - lots of time, by hand, and hand tools similar to those of renaissance masters. The main tool is "time".

Today as long ago, some measure/analysis techniques are: eye/hand, comparative study, sight size, imagination and learned memory; these will all be introduced used/blended to practice art measure in our program. Anatomy studies will be practiced. Narrative composition will be emphasize over academic composition albeit both are essential learning tools. Per the Florentine masters the models assigned will be figurative human/animal and/or organic. The models will be or reflect Renaissance or Antiquity classics.


A 'Premier Certificate of Sculpture' is accomplished over a 3 year period. It certifies a foundation in sculpture knowledge and basic training. This is achieved through the practice of sculpture via photography, drawing, painting, modeling, sculpting and more. A progress portfolio of each course, semester and year is mandatory. After the Premier Certificate is awarded one may pursue a 1.5 year Advanced Certificate with a concentration on four sculpture course areas. Further this can be followed by a one year Masters Certificate focusing on one sculpture area.

There is a program for adults and for kids.
Both programs have a "Certificate" plan. It requires attendance and finished assignments by deadline; a record is kept. Courses must be completed in a sequence order, student must create and maintain their own portflio of progress and assignments for weekly review. The portfolio must be presented at semesters end for examination and recommendation to pass to the next semester or course. Non school independant students can select a class taken for self improvement and have no requirements or records. School students have priority for available spots. Equal supervison and instruction is given to independant students.